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It was a big step for the dentists, as they were coming from a smaller northern city where real estate values are a fraction of those at Whistler. “We are so glad we did it,” says Michael. “We absolutely love Whistler and, after commuting 500 miles back and forth regularly for 13 years, we decided to make Whistler our full-time home this summer”.

“We love everything about it”, Michael enthuses. “It is close to the cosmopolitan energy of Vancouver with its beaches, beautiful location, arts, culture and restaurants, yet far from the traffic. It has clean mountain air, and every type of outdoor recreational opportunity imaginable, the greatest skiing on earth, nice people the list goes on and on. Whistler offers a lifestyle of year-round outdoor options, which allows us to live a healthy and active life. It is an amazing place to live, play, and yes, even work. There are also an incredible number of recreational programs available for kids of all ages, including skiing programs incorporated into the school program. Our two young children will have the opportunity to develop healthy lifelong lifestyle habits and build lots of self-confidence.”

Maybe another vignette will help to demonstrate how endemic the enthusiasm is for those who own property in Whistler. I should confess that I am one of them.

I bought my first lot in a new subdivision in Whistler 35 years ago for the price of $7,000 when Whistler was at its genesis stage. The value of that same lot today would be about $1 million. However, the lot was sold a year after it was purchased. Fast forward to 1994. My wife and I bought a lot for $130,000 and built out family dream home five years later, just in time for a family Christmas reunion.

I would echo the same comments as the observations of the Riveras and Forsters. My wife and I enjoy the many recreational activities in Whistler yearround. Another advantage of having a second property is being able to offer home exchanges with people throughout the world, which gives us the opportunity to travel elsewhere when we’re not staying in our chalet. Given Whistler’s world-wide positive reputation, there is no shortage of those who want to exchange their beautiful homes for the Whistler experience, summer as well as winter.

For me, the chalet at Whistler acts as an idyllic retreat. Having one foot in Whistler and the other in Vancouver is the best of both worlds. They serve different needs, wants, and experiences.

One of the many pleasures of Whistler is getting there. The journey is just as enticing as the destination. The twohour drive to Whistler is rated as one of the most scenic drives in North America – the Sea to Sky highway. It is truly a magical trip – no matter what the weather. The travel experience in both directions always brings a different sense of wonder of the beauty of nature in all its forms. The islands in Howe Sound, the glistening of the sun on the ocean, boats, tugs hauling logs, and at the same time always being surrounded by mountain vistas is a visual and sensual treat. It is like driving by a Norwegian fiord and the Swiss Alps at the same time. It is great food for the soul and spirit.

If you are dreaming about buying property in Whistler, the first steps are easy. In the current market, the timing is right. You can do your primary research on the Internet to short-list your preferences. Then thoroughly check them out. Before you know it, you too could be enjoying the Whistler lifestyle experience, and make the dream your reality.

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